AutoHotkey Hotkey Techniques (EPUB format for iPad, Android)

Beginning AutoHotkey Hotstrings
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AutoHotkey Hotkeys

Tips, Tricks, Techniques, and Best Practices for Automating Your Windows Computers with Hotkey Combinations

(EPUB format for iPad, iPhone, Android, and other devices and computers)

Whether you're a noobie to AutoHotkey scripts or an advanced programmer, of all Jack's books, AutoHotkey Hotkeys may be the most important for little-known tricks and useful ideas. It's not that the other books don't cover significant features of AutoHotkey, but this book includes some of the most practical tips for adding power to your scripts.

Jack didn't plan it that way:

"In the course of writing the individual chapters I experienced a number of personal epiphanies. A few "Best Practices" slowly became obvious as I worked with particular commands. The power of #IfWin directives opened my eyes as I searched for practical applications for Hotkeys. The usefulness of Scan Codes versus Virtual keys became apparent once I understood how they work. Plus, the writing process sparked insight into how to make any AutoHotkey command more powerful with forced expressions (%) and the ternary operator."

The book starts at a beginning level (Chapter One), but it quickly builds upon the basic Hotkey structure to introduce more advanced techniques—including detailed discussions of the unique Hotkey command. Writing this book turned into a trip of discovery. Jack merely followed where the AutoHotkey commands and features led him.

AutoHotkey Hotkeys includes:

Chapter One Basic Hotkeys—The Gateway to AutoHotkey Script Writing Addiction: With AutoHotkey, It’s So Simple to Add Hotkeys to Your Windows System That You May Not Be Able to Quit

Chapter Two Block Windows Shortcuts with AutoHotkey: Block Annoying Computer Shortcuts, Plus Identify Active Windows and Programs with Windows Spy Override Unwanted Windows Shortcuts with AutoHotkey Hotkeys

Chapter Three AutoHotkey #Directives for Context-Sensitive Hotkeys—#IfWinActiveClearing Up the Confusion about AutoHotkey’s IfWinActive Command Versus the #IfWinActive Directive

Chapter Four The AutoHotkey GroupAdd Command Reduces Script Code: AutoHotkey’s GroupAdd Command and Ahk_Group Class Create Multiple Context-Sensitive Hotkeys While Streamlining Code—Plus a Quick GroupAdd Script for Easy Window Handling!

Chapter Five Exploring the Hotkey Command in AutoHotkey: The Hotkey Command Adds Immense Flexibility to AutoHotkey Scripts, But You Should Know How and When to Use It!

Chapter Six Windows Volume Control Using Your Mouse Wheel and the AutoHotkey #If Directive: The AutoHotkey #If Expression Directive and Hotkey, If (Expression) Command Make Hotkeys Expression-Sensitive, Plus a Simple No-Click Volume Control Script

Chapter Seven Hotkeys for Deleting Words and Line Segments with AutoHotkey: Standardizing Hotkeys for Deleting Entire Words or Line Segments in Any Windows Program or Web Editing Window

Chapter Eight Toggling AutoHotkey Hotkeys On and Off: Using the Hotkey Command to Turn Hotkeys On and Off

Chapter Nine AutoHotkey Windows Clipboard Techniques for Swapping Letters: Delving into Windows Clipboard Hotkey Tricks for Switching Mistyped Letters in Any Document or Text Editor

Chapter Ten AutoHotkey StringSplit Command and ErrorLevel Tricks for Swapping Words: Techniques for Swapping Words Using the StringSplit AutoHotkey Command; ErrorLevel for Producing Alternative Results; a Glance at a Regular Expression (RegEx) for Swapping Words

Chapter Eleven AutoHotkey Tips for Mouse Click Hotkeys with Seldom Touched Keys: Make Your Hotkeys Easier by Combining a Rarely Pressed Key and a Simple Mouse Click…or Not! Plus, Take Advantage of More Little Used Keys in Hotkey Combinations

Chapter Twelve Understanding AutoHotkey Keyboard Scan Codes and Virtual Key Codes: Learn the Difference Between AutoHotkey Keyboard Scan Codes (SCnnn) and Virtual Key Codes (VKnn) and When to Use Them for Hotkeys

Chapter Thirteen AutoHotkey Scan Codes, Speech, Sound, and Splash Images in Children’s Apps: Write Toddler Educational Hotkey Scripts by Combining AutoHotkey Scan Codes, the SoundPlay Command, the SplashImage Command, and ComObjectCreate() for Speech

Chapter Fourteen When to Use Virtual Keys and Keyboard Scan Codes with AutoHotkey: Add Missing Keys or Take Advantage of Extra Keyboard Keys with AutoHotkey Scan Codes and Virtual Keys

Chapter Fifteen AutoHotkey Script for Precision Hotkey Mouse Movement in Windows Graphics Programs: This Short AutoHotkey App Adds Pixel Level Precision to Mouse Cursor Movement in Any Windows Graphics Program. Plus, Best Practices When Creating Hotkeys and More

Chapter Sixteen AutoHotkey Script for Precision Hotkey Mouse Movement in Windows Graphics Programs—MousePrecise.ahk Continued: This Short AutoHotkey App Adds Pixel Level Precision to Mouse Cursor Movement in Any Windows Graphics Program

Chapter Seventeen Force an Expression (%) in AutoHotkey for More Powerful Commands: Learn the Secret of Adding Power and Flexibility to AutoHotkey Commands—Use Forced Expressions to Tailor Almost Anything

Chapter Eighteen AutoHotkey Toggles and the Ternary Operator: Toggling AutoHotkey Switches, Plus How the Ternary Operator Adds If-Then-Else Conditional Shortcuts to a Single Line of Code

Chapter Nineteen Tips for Smoothing Out AutoHotkey Scripts with #If, Tooltip, and Quick Release Hotkeys: Enhancing the MousePrecise.ahk AutoHotkey Script with the #If Directive, the Tooltip Command, and a Quick Release Hotkey

Chapter Twenty Adding Hotkey Actions to Windows System Tray Icon Menu: Adding Hard-to-Remember Hotkeys to the AutoHotkey System Tray Icon Makes Sense—Plus, How to Best Activate the Last Window

Chapter Twenty-one Multiple Hotkeys and Using The Extra Mouse Buttons: Important Beginning Tips for Assigning Duplicate Hotkeys for the Same Operation and Issues with Using XButtons on Your Mouse

Chapter Twenty-two Build Your Own AutoHotkey Command Reference Tool (An AutoHotkey Secret): Learn a Hidden AutoHotkey Trick for Quickly Accessing AutoHotkey Online Command Information Documentation

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