Computer Hardware: Parts Is Parts (humor, EPUB iPad, NOOK)

Computer Hardware "Parts Is Parts"
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Computer Hardware Humor, "Parts Is Parts": Computer Peripheral Essentials--Just Add Confusion (EPUB format - iPad, NOOK, Kobo, etc.)

by Marilyn K. Martin

No computer is an island. It needs printers, keyboards, mouses, and many other varmints. With those attachments comes more computer problems and confusion.

Sit back and enjoy a humorous look at how we deal with our hardware problems. Our computer mistakes are a source of comedy that could not be matched by the best fiction.

Chapter One: Kursing the Keyboard

“Okay, show of hands! How many of you have called your company computer technician because your keyboard just died?”

Who knew that such a deceptively simple and necessary piece of hardware could be the source of such havoc?

Chapter Two: The Computer Mouse, History in Hand

“The mouse popped up almost as an afterthought when the monitor and keyboard seemed to have a gaping hole.”

In its half-century of existence, the venerable computer mouse has been a fun and well-used computer component.

Chapter Three: Floppy Diskettes—Don't Fold, Staple or Mutilate

“The story of their creation and development is fraught with techno-drama and unintended humor worthy of their own Believe-It-Or-Not! episode.”

A look at the humorous history behind portable storage units for computers, reminding us to be glad and amazed that software can be downloaded off the Internet today.

Chapter Four: The Forgettable Essentials—Password Problems

“Most private computer users treat their PC passwords like an after-thought.”

A humorous review of anecdotes about choosing and remembering passwords.

Chapter Five: Printer Problems and Other Human Errors

“When customers first started buying printers to hook up to their PCs, there was a virtual gulf of misunderstanding between printers and printing.”

The evolution of printers began in 1938. Since then, people have struggled to learn and use them properly, much like any other aspect of technology. Here are some humorous anecdotes about problems people have encountered while using printers.

Chapter Six: Flummoxed Over Faxes

“One of the earliest miracle machines on the market was the fax machine.”

Fax machines have been in use a long time, but you may be surprised by how many people are still a little fuzzy about exactly what a fax machine is, and what it can — and can't — do.

Chapter Seven: Model Years and Contagious Memory—Computer Conundrums That Are Almost Logical

“These are the instances when Support Techs prove their mettle. Right after they stammer, 'Excuse me?'”

Support Techs and Help Desks often deal with new and unusual computer problems—yet, sometimes even they are left without words. Enjoy these humorous stories about computer user confusion.

Chapter Eight: Broken Toilets and Windows 97—Asking the Impossible of Tech Support

“Let's marvel at the patient and quick thinking Techs who had to deal with the following impossible to execute initial requests.”

More anecdotes about impossible to execute requests that Help Desks and Tech Support departments receive.

Chapter Nine: Computing Under Extreme Duress

“On rare occasions, trying to use a computer with a sudden and serious problem should come with hazard duty pay.”

Humorous anecdotes about physically dangerous computer problems and the ways in which these are dealt with.

Chapter Ten: Computer Monitors—Tales of Bulbs, Fuses, Ink and Icon Storage

“People should be able to relate to a piece of hardware similar to their TVs. Right? Maybe not...”

Some amusing anecdotes about computer monitor confusion are offered.

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