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Get Both ComputorEdge Cartoon Books
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This price is not available anywhere else. In fact we stopped selling the books on Amazon so we could make this offer to our readers. Get both That Does Not Compute! and That Does Not Compute, Too! for one price. (It's better than buy one and get one free.)

That Does Not Compute! CartoonsThat Does Not Compute! includes some of the best in computer cartoons. These are timeless ComputorEdge classics. This book along with "That Does Not Compute, Too!" gives an inside look at the absurdity of how we treat our computers and deal with the Internet.

This collection of over 150 cartoons from ComputorEdge Magazine by Jim Whiting and Jack Dunning about the trials and tribulations of using computers and the Internet. Cartoons include Death getting his identity stolen, nagging PDF files, the biker gang's Web designer, eBay for dogs, Apple iPokes, user-unfriendly software, and many more silly technological situations.

If you need a quick reference, all the cartoons are catalogued in an index at the back of the book.

That Does Not Compute! represents over three years of brain straining and pencil breaking in order to grind out one cartoon per week. Looking back at the cartoons in this book, it is noted that some of them are really stupid while some are quite clever. We'll leave it to the reader to figure out which is which. If one of these frames makes you smile (or even groan), then we have done our job. As of this digital printing we continue to pump out one cartoon a week at ComputorEdge Online.


That Does Not Compute, Too!

That Does Not Compute, Too! includes many more of the warped computer and Internet cartoons that Jim Whiting and Jack Dunning have become known for. You'll find yourself saying, "It's so true!", "Been there, done that!" or "That one's really stupid!"

Learn what robots really think about or how to uncover the secret of life! What are the dangers of Internet dating? How did Microsoft develop Windows 8? Discover the latest innovations in mobile technology or how to deal with Internet cookies. What does the president really do in his free time?

As Jack says, "A number of these cartoons are based upon deep philosophical thoughts with profound life implications. Ignore those enigmatic concepts for now. Eventually scholars will decipher their hidden meaning and publish those answers in one of their journals—along with all the other nonsense they put out."


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