My Computer, My Nemesis (humor, MOBI for Kindle)

Computerholics Anonymous: PC Users, Abusers and Confusioners
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Life without Computers would be so much simpler...and less humorous. (MOBI for Kindle)

by Marilyn K. Martin

My Computer, My Nemesis: Bravely into the Smiley-Face Virtual Void!

Computers and the Internet have introduced much more to our lives than we can comprehend. Thankfully, we can laugh as we cry about the what technology has wrought.

Chapter One: Electronic-Overflow; Distractions, Deletions and Dastardly Drama

“We've traded lumbering non-memory, stiff keys and one-page-at-a-time typewriters, for the one-key-from-disaster convenience of computing.”

Distractions can lead to office disasters. Auto-save and backup help prevent many more potential mishaps. Kids are now growing up surrounded by electronic distractions—becoming pros at multitasking. They are embracing this, rather than finding it a distracting nuisance.

Chapter Two: Internet Acronyms and Emoticons

“Let's hear it for BRVTY!”

Acronyms and emoticons have evolved, starting to dominate both Internet and text messaging communication. Marilyn points out high tech visual shortcuts that are commonly, and uncommonly, used today by both children and adults.

Chapter Three: Downsizing and Combo-Apps, Convenience or Consternation?

“Do we really need a future computer-gemstone in a ring, that can produce endless but dubiously useful information?”

"Bigger is Better" became "Itty-Bitty is Best." Where is the middle ground when it comes to size of computers and technology? Tablets are within our "psychological comfort zone."

Chapter Four: Working in a High Tech Office

“In a high tech corporate office, you can't sit at your computer in your pajamas and jump up for a break whenever you want, like at home.”

Looking at some amusing anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of working in a high tech office.

Chapter Five: The Volatile World of Start-Ups

“Working in the enthusiastic jungle of start-ups can be fun, exhilarating, stoked in the hacker/rebel ethos, and nerve wracking uncertainty.”

Innovation is encouraged, no one cares when you take a break, and you work those back breaking hours for a percentage of the company's gross/net rather than your miniscule paycheck.

Chapter Six: Suffering with Software

“Bumpy files, drug dealers, and destroyed space probes.”

Sometimes software problems are caused by bugs or developers—it isn't always a case of user error. Marilyn shares some humorous anecdotes on how software can go wrong.

Chapter Seven: If Computer Brands or Operating Systems Made Other Products

“DOS Beer would require you to use your own can opener, and insist you read the directions carefully before opening the can.”

A humorous look at how various computer brands or operating systems would make other, non-computing products.

Chapter Eight: Computer Icons, Meaningful or Mindless?

“They are strange and funny little pictograms that (supposedly) tell us at a glance what program or function they represent.”

Computer icons were developed in the 1970s. Since then, they have progressed from obvious "road signs" to unintuitive illustrations. Learn about the evolution of icons and how they have burst into pop culture.

Chapter Nine: Legal Snooping and Secret Sources

“Those sages who intone that some secrets can be kept forever are in for a big surprise if they actually go looking.”

It's quite easy and perfectly legal to dig up the dirt on anyone or anything. All it takes is a quick search in your favorite search engine and the murky journey begins.

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