Sticking with Windows XP--or Not? (MOBI for Amazon Kindle)

Sticking with Windows XP--or Not?
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Sticking with Windows XP--or Not? (MOBI for Amazon Kindle)

Not everyone needs to upgrade to Windows 7. In some cases you may not be able to upgrade your old computer. If you do want to make the switch, which version, Home or Professional, is right for you? Find out the truth before taking the next step, plus how to do it.

Jack does not try to convince you that it's best to move from Windows XP to Windows 7, but presents the facts about what's the same and what's different in Windows 7. This e-book will give you an understanding of the differences between Windows 7 and earlier versions such as Windows XP and Vista. This updated e-book was originally published as a series of articles on An all new chapter, "Maybe, Just Buy a Mac!" is included.

Chapter One: Windows 7 Versus Windows XP

“Is it really time to drop XP?”

If your Windows XP computer is doing everything you want it to do, you may not want to upgrade to Windows 7. While there are a number of new features in Windows 7, the biggest immediate benefit you will see in a new Windows 7 computer may come from the performance of new hardware, not the new operating system.

Chapter Two: Pining for Windows XP

“Pining for XP? Get to know Windows 7.”

A reader still swears by key functions in XP as opposed to Windows 7 offerings in his new computer. Is it prudent to stick with the OS you know and love, or force a change to a possibly better product? There are good reasons for continuing to work with an older computer even when you own a newer Windows 7 system. Jack has done that himself. Plus, when the time comes to make the switch permanent, you are more ready for the change than people who have never used Windows 7.

Chapter Three: New Features and What's Missing from Windows 7

“Windows 7 has new features and a new look and feel.”

Some of the useful Windows 7 features include a new way of opening tools with helpful statements, better Taskbar organization, the new Start menu and Libraries. What's missing besides an e-mail program—at least initially? Photo Gallery, Calendar, Gadget Sidebar (Vista) and some of the Windows XP Windows Explorer metadata. For some, the missing XP metadata is a glaring oversight.

Chapter Four: New or Improved Free Windows Programs in Windows 7

“Some new Windows 7 programs are free downloads while old standards from before XP have been greatly enhanced.”

Since Windows XP, new free applications (Windows Live Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and more) have been added as downloads. Plus, some new or vastly improved programs (Paint, WordPad, Calculator, Sticky Notes, Snipping Tool) are included in the Windows 7 installation.

Chapter Five: Upgrade or New Computer?

“Getting ready for Windows 7.”

When and if you decide it is time to upgrade or purchase a new computer, there are issues which you should take into consideration. If you are moving to Windows 7, then Microsoft has some tools that will help you evaluate whether your XP hardware is suitable for upgrade and help you decide which version of Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, etc.) may be best for you. If you are thinking about switching to Apple Macintosh (or a tablet computer, or Linux), then issues are offered in Chapter Seven.

Chapter Six: Do You Need Windows 7 Professional?

“Windows 7 Professional selling points.”

There are a few reasons to get the Professional version of Windows 7 over the Home version: the remote control feature, the Windows XP mode, and remote network syncing and backup capabilities.

Chapter Seven: Just Buy a Mac—or Not!

“Advice for Windows XP users thinking about making a change.”

If you're still using a Windows XP computer (which millions of people are), then in the back of your mind there is the nagging thought that eventually you will need to make a change. Go Mac? Linux? Or stick with Windows and move to Windows 7? There are a number of issues to consider when you make a change to Apple Macintosh. First, is Mac really better than Windows? Do you have Windows software which won't run on the Mac without installing a Virtual Machine? Is the Mac learning curve really easier? What's your own computer IQ? Also, would an iPad be a good replacement for the XP?

Also available in EPUB format for iPad, NOOK, etc!

If you are new to e-books and would like to learn more about how to download them to your e-reader or computer, then please see this ComputorEdge article "How to Download and Read E-books."

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